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& all of the fears you hold so dear

will turn to whisper in your ear

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My name is Taylor. I am a teenage girl and I currently reside in the midwest. My obsesssions include Kingdom Hearts, the Japanese Culture, foreign cinema, fashion design, runway models, Rupert Grint, Gemma Ward, & fashion magazines. I probably won't bite off your head unless I'm PMSing or you're just being an ignorant fool. If you are racist, against gay people, strongly pro bush, can't take criticism, hate animals, or can't take a joke, I suggest you leave now. I'm a very opinated person, so either learn to live&love it, or leave.

I'm a two sided person. The left side of me is the inner nerd; video game obsessed, Japanese culture freak; basically into everything from vintage Chuck Taylors to old school Mario. The other side of me revolves around the fashion world. Shopping is a part of my lifestyle, I'm subscrived to big time Fashion magazines, and if I'm tuned in with my inner nerd while at Borders, I'm buying the foreign magazines of Vogue, Elle, & iD. Though I have different personalities to me, I'm pretty much a kind and understanding person. I'm also yet very stubborn and once again, opiniated. If something pisses me off, I'm sure to come right out and say so. Also, if I don't like you, I'll pretty much tell you flat out.

Feel free to add me if you like. But please, when commenting to be added, please say where you found me. I don't want any friends from school or people I know in real life adding me. I may add some personal stuff, so the last thing I need is someone coming to me up in the hallway or downtown saying, 'OH MY GOD. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT ON YOUR ELJAY OMGZ.' Thanks!

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